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So one of my current ongoing projects is a comic called Mann Vs., writen by my hetero-life-partner Damian Duffy. This comic was started many years ago and has gone through a few iterations.

Mann Vs. - page1, version1

Mann Vs. – page1, version1

The first version, I drew for a comic class with Christa Donner at SAIC in 2008. The script and most of the concept art existed well before I drew it, but I hadn’t had a chance to draw it yet. At the time, I was still working on paper for my initial drawings and then scanning them in for finished. I drew this one in pencil and then put it all together in Photoshop. It was a pretty crude job, but I had a due date that had me rushing it a bit, especially for 14 pages. My hand lettering is terrible, in case you hadn’t noticed.





Mann Vs. - page1, version2

Mann Vs. – page1, version2

The second version of Mann aimed to clean up the art and add color. It didn’t look terrible, but I felt a lot was getting lost because of the way I initially assembled the pages. I like the atmosphere of the room that the color created, though I might have been a little heavy handed at the expense of the details of the scene.

Harcourt’s ghost is really blue here and Damian was thinking that it might be too Dr. Manhattan.





Mann Vs. - page1, version3

Mann Vs. – page1, version3

For this third (and hopefully final), I decided to ditch the pencil look and doing some nice digital inking. These pages look a lot cleaner, and the various elements look more like they’re in the panel together than the previous cut and paste hackery. My recoloring loses some of the intense atmosphere, but I think it brings the details out way better.






Mann Vs. has come a long way since its’ first inception and I’m really excited about the way this is shaping up.  Next time around I’ll share some of the concept work  about the world of Mann.

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