Poll Challenge: Cerberus

Last week, I tried something new. I put it to my facebook folk to help me decide what to draw. There was a tremendous response and the resulting poll was very close. There was, in fact, a threeway tie at the top between Cerberus, Heisenberg, and Darkwing Duck. I cast the tie-breaker because I had an idea I liked for Cerberus. In about a month, I’m gonna do a new poll with Heisenberg, Darkwing Duck, and three new entries.

So…Cerberus. I didn’t want a straight-up “look at this awesome scary dog thing” kinda approach. So I figured having him pee with 3 streams on a sign post was the way to go. I realize that the “Abandon All Hope” sign is from Dante and not Greek mythology, but I did it anyways. Besides, Cerberus is technically in the Inferno, albeit in a different capacity.

Here’s the screen capture, 3 hours or so compressed into just under 15 minutes:

A few things. My day is divided into increments I call Desmond Nap Units (about 2 hours). My intent was to do this drawing in a single DNU. Towards the end, I realized I wan’t going to finish the background in time. That’s why I tried to do a sorta hackish, non-background thing. I couldn’t get that to work and Desmond woke up. Which was for the best; I came at it the next day and did the background. Which was good.

Also, my timeline for the drawing meant that I spent less time on this than I might have otherwise. This means there are a few things I an a little unhappy with. This includes the shadow under Cerberus and the serpent tail, which I think is mostly lost in the shuffle.

I don’t really have much more to say. This was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to do it again!

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