Process: Coloring Mann

Hey folks. This week I managed to get back to work on Mann Vs. and I decided to video capture some of my work. This video is from about an 45 minutes of work that has been compressed to about 3 minutes.

A little bit about what you are seeing happen in this video:
My tendency is to go over my color flats with two multiply layers. I use one cool and one warm color. Depending on the scene, one serves as the deep shadows and the other is more of an ambient texture. In this case, I started with a green to flesh out the shadows and I came back in with red to add texture and volume. What you will notice is that I tend to overpaint with the color of choice, and then go back in with the eraser to refine things. This reductive style just works well for me and also takes advantage of a technique that is uniquely digital. You could not do this with real paint. Well, you sorta can, but not with this level of control.

After I’ve put these two multiply layers on, I paint another layer with highlights. This page takes place at dawn, so there is a very strong yellow cast to things. For those of you so inclined, these highlights are put on a normal layer below my multiply layers.

Things are looking almost done at this point, but the scene needs to be more cohesive and all those multiply layers tend to make the scene pretty dark. I rectify this with yet another layer, this time a soft light layer (though situations could merit a different type of light layer. The same yellow I use for highlights is bucketed onto this layer and the opacity is adjusted so that it is not overpowering.

And just like that, the page is done! I can check it off on my HabitRPG and score some nice damage against the monster we’re fighting!

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