Process: Dr. West and Loamy

Another Process Post!

This was an illustration for an episode of the radio drama, Our Fair City. Believe it or not, this is hte only time I have drawn Dr. West. This piece is indicative of a method of working that I used to use a lot before I went all digital. It’s an analog/digital hybrid where I draw in pencil and then finish digitally.

So, this started out as a scanned pencil drawing. This is it after I played with the levels a bit to boost the darks:

Usually, my first go-to step is to lay in the color flats:

I lay in some shadows:

The shadows are deepened with red:

The first round of highlights:

A second, more detailed round of highlights:

The main work done, I vignette the border and fill in the background:

Finally, I do some color adjusting and add in a red light layer. It’s done now!

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